Graha For Stars and Rasi Stones
Surya (Sun) Health, Prosperity, Good Eye Sight, strength, courage success, cure of diseases. Mars, pooram, uthiram simha rasi Ruby
Chandra (Moon) Mental piece, concentration, pleasing personality, emotional controle, rid mental depression. punarpoosan, poosam, ayilyam kataka rasi Pearl
Mangal (Mars) to be free from debts, rid skin diseases, prosparity, good eye sight Ashwini, Bharani, krithika,vishaka, anusham, kettai mesha and vrischika rasi Coral
Budha (Mercury) good education good concentration, improve concentration, rid blood pressure and sugar problems Mrigasirsha, arudra, punarpoosam, hastam, chitra, uthiram
mithuna and kanya rasi
Sukra (Venus) prosparity and happy married life Kruthika, rohini, mrigasirsham, chitra, swathi, visaka
vrishabha and thula rasi
Guru (Jupitor) grants pure and esthetic life, good health and wealth Moola, pooradam, uthiradam, poorattadi,uttirattadi, ravzti
dhanur and meena rasi
Shani (Saturn) long life, rid miseries, sorrows, old age and health problems Uthiradam, tiruvonam, avittam, satayam, poorattadi
makara and kumbha rasi
Rahu and Ketu (Shadow Planets) Powers of Saturn and Mars Respectively rid sudden illness delay in marriage, wealth loss Goods to please
durga for rahu ganesh for ketu
Cat's eye


It is called Manika in Sanskrit in Hindi Manik and Ruby in English. The swami of Ruby is Surya It is Red in colour and transparent and a bit heavy in weight. If kept in a glass bowl it emits red rays. If kept in cow's milk the milk appears pink in colour. It helps in social reorganisation, increases chances of sibling as a boy improves strength and helps in curing heart diseases.


It is called Mokitak or Chandramani in Sanskrit, Moti in Hindi and Pearl in English. The swami of pearl is Chandrama It's white and bright in colour with a smooth texture and spherical in shape and light in weight Its helps in attaining good health


It is called as Amgarkamini, Ratnamunga in Hindi and Coral in English. It is the main element for mars If put in blood the viscous blood gets collected around it. When emerged in cow's milk the milk appears as red. It helps owning property, brings happiness and good health. It avoids heart, mental and abdominal problems


It is called Markat mani, Panna in Hindi and emerald in English. It is the main element of Bidha Graha If emerged in a glass of water it emits green rays. It is light in weight smooth and provides relaxation to eyes It helps in improving intelligence and memory power. It helps in improving knowledge, intelligence money and helps the business to grow. It brings happiness and healthiness.


It is called as Wajramani, Heera in Hindi and Diamond in English. It is the main element for Venus It is very lustrous, smooth and very rigid and transparent It helps in getting over people. It helps in acquiring wealth, happy married life and healthy life.


It is called as Pushparaj in Sanskrit, Pukraj in Hindi and topaz in English. It is the main ratra for Jupiter. It's smooth, a bit heavy and transparent with lustre. It improves strength, intelligence, health and life span. It helps in maintaining happy married and a religious life.


It is called as Neelam in Hindi and Saphire in English. It is the main element of Saturn. It is blue in colour and if emerged in milk the milk appears to be blue. In sunlight blue rays are emitted by Saphire It helps in curing various diseases like asthma, heart diseases etc.


It is called as Gomed in Sanskrit and Zircon in English. It is light yellow in colour smooth and a bit heavy. If we put it in Gomutra the colour of Gomutra will change in 24 hours. It helps in curing many diseases. It helps in gaining happiness and wealth. It also helps in destroying enemies.

Cat's EYE Stone

We call it Vaidurya in Sanskrit, Lasaniya in Hindi, and cat's eye stone in English If it is kept upon a bone within 24 hours it will intersect the bone from one side to another. It is available in four colours. The person who wears will not fear about ghosts, have sibling as son, have fruitful and prosperous healthy life.

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